Do I need to purchase a Sizing Kit?

Most of our sets do not require you to know your sizing beforehand so there's no need to worry unless they are marked as "Sizing Required." Sizing kits are highly recommended for those sets to ensure the perfect fit. If you feel comfortable in measuring your nails yourself, there's no need to purchase one. When you order our bundles, don't forget to select custom sizing so you can receive your free sizing kit before your nails are made. 


Can I Customize Sets?

Various sets can be customized from color to topcoat! You can simply leave a note at checkout for simple customizations like topcoat. Always feel free to contact me through social media or email with any questions pertaining to customization. 

Email: info@manesbeautinails.com


Do You Make Custom Orders?

I am happy to make a custom order as long as I have the supplies for it. If you would like a custom set, it is best to contact me first through social media or email. 


Do I Receive an Application Kit?

Each of your orders will come with a free application kit. These kits include nail glue, a nail file, an alcohol prep pad, and a cuticle pusher. 

How Do I Apply Them?

  • Gently push your cuticles back and buff the surface of your nails with the file. 
  • Clean nail surface with alcohol or acetone to remove nail oils and dust.
  • Optional: Use a nail primer to further enhance adhesion.
  • Lay glue onto your entire natural nail bed.
  • Apply press-on to your nail using slight pressure to remove any air bubbles between them.

With proper application, your nails can stay on for 2+ weeks. 

How Do I Remove Without Damage?

Soak your nails in warm soapy water. You can add oil to the mix and around your cuticles to help the process along as long as your nails DO NOT HAVE MATTE TOPCOAT. This process does require some patience. 


Are The Nails Reusable?

Your nails are absolutely reusable with proper care. For 1-2 day wear, you can use adhesive nail tabs. If you prefer to use nail glue, you can soak off your nails in warm soapy water. I recommend purchasing an inexpensive electric nail file to buff away any glue build up on back of the nails.


What If my Order Doesn't Fit?

Due to the handmade nature of our product we are not held responsible if the wrong size is ordered. We have sizing kits available and a size guide to help you get the perfect fit. 

If the size is off on a nail or two I suggest purchasing our Replacement nail option from our Accent/Extra's menu.


What's Different about the Sculpted Shapes?

Our shapes that are marked as sculpted have a stronger c-curve and higher apex for people with more curved nail beds. If you have flat nail beds we recommend not using the sculpted nails because they might be uncomfortable. I have found that adding nail adhesive tabs with glue can help people with flatter nail beds feel most comfortable in their press ons even the sculpted tips. 

Sculpted shapes include: Long Coffin and Long Stiletto.